happy monday system

So I started at my new job almost a month ago, and unfortunately it turns out that my office is located more or less that the extreme opposite point of the public transit system. I’m somehow spending two and a half hours a day commuting to and from work. To make matters worse, I need to transfer buses at least twice along the way.

All of this has been incredibly draining. You may have noticed I’ve had a harder time sticking to schedule with the blog over the last month, and part of that is because I get home and don’t have the energy to write about anything at length. (There also just isn’t much to talk about recently anyway.) Things may be getting better over the next few months. The office may be moving to a more convenient location this fall, so while my commute would still be relatively long, it would be one uninterrupted bus ride that I could use to work on the iPad or play video games. I’m also looking at moving closer to the office, but I’m waiting on more solid confirmation of where we’re going so I don’t end up in the exact same predicament on the opposite side of town.

It’s with that explanation out of the way that I’d like to announce that I can’t guarantee a post will go up every Monday anymore. I’ve wanted to take a break for a while now, as I feel like my writing has been pretty terrible recently, and this seems like a good enough reason to go for it. There will be posts from time to time when I can’t get something out on the podcast in a timely manner, but otherwise the blog is on indefinite hiatus.