happy monday system


This is going to be the last post of 2016 on Happy Monday System, as I’m in the final stages of preparing for my fifth trip to Japan, and can’t promise I’ll be able to post anything while I’m over there. A few weeks ago was the one year anniversary of the blog, and I am overjoyed that people actually find what I have to say interesting enough to read it every week. Thanks for your support.

On a similar note, Limitless Possibility, the podcast I do with my friend from high school Luc-Olivier will be going on hiatus after episode 55 comes out in two weeks. We’ve been doing it on a regular basis for two years now, and while we don’t have many listeners, the few we do have really seem to enjoy it, so if you haven’t given it a chance, there is a decent back catalog of episodes for you to go through. Our show isn’t very topical by design; this gives our episodes more longevity and relevance in the long-term, and our second episode on mobile payments remains very relevant to this day and one of my favorite things I’ve put out in years.

I’m fairly limited in what I can say about the day job I held until late September, but my coworkers and I put a ton of work into the product we shipped, and our users were so happy with what we had made that they were incredibly sad to see us go. I can’t speak for the others, but I am very proud of what we managed to accomplish and happy to see it make our users’ day-to-day lives better. It was an immensely fun job, but corporate politics eventually interfered, and it had to come to an end or we would have lost our minds.

So what’s coming up in 2017?

Like I’ve announced previously, I intend to start putting out the first videos for Swan Song, a series of videos about each of the WonderSwan’s software releases, pretty soon. I’m putting the finishing touches on the first batch of videos right now, and you should be seeing them roll out gradually in early 2017. I’m also about halfway through composing the scripts for the second batch of videos. I’m challenging myself to do as much of this on the iPad Pro as possible. So far, all of the video and audio editing as well as all graphics work has been done entirely on the iPad Pro, leaving the computer to do nothing but basic video and audio capture. I do intend to give a better behind the scenes look at the whole process once I’ve done a few more of these.

While the last few months certainly haven’t turned out like I had originally envisioned them, they have been a fun time to experiment with more creative types of work, and hopefully I can find more ways to incorporate that into my output for 2017. In the meantime, I wish you all happy holidays and a happy new year.