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polyphonic room: The Epilogue

The music gaming news site I’ve been running since 2012, polyphonic room, ended its run on early Saturday morning.

polyphonic room was born out of my dissatisfaction with the state of English coverage of music games when I got back into the scene after college, and it has consumed my evenings almost nonstop since the site went live. It was easier to keep up in the beginning, but three additional titles were added to the lineup in our lifetime (FTT, BeatStream, MÚSECA) and an additional two (Otoiroha and Nostalgia) were announced in the last week.

It is incredibly demanding to keep up with the news for all these titles to the degree we wish to cover them, and it simply wasn’t really feasible anymore. It also doesn’t help that many of the recent additions to the Bemani lineup simply aren’t very good or interesting, and while there was discussion of dropping coverage of those titles in favour of better games by other developers (Chunithm, crossbeats REV., and Groove Coaster), we eventually decided to stay consistent and offer deep coverage of all Bemani titles whether we liked them or not, and only mention major events for titles by other developers.

This is not the last you will hear from us. We’re all working on various creative projects, either on our own or together:

If you’d like to, you can follow all of us on Twitter via this handy Twitter list. We’ve also made our list of sources for each game we used to cover public, so go follow your favorite games here. I’d also like to give a shout out to our friends in Japan at AtomicAge dot net and in Korea at @bemani_daily who do a killer job of covering the scene.