happy monday system


A few weeks ago, I came across BE5D1968’s YouTube channel for the first time.

While they haven’t updated their channel in more than two years, their channel consists mostly of videos of BE5D1968 driving on the highways around Kobe, Japan while listening to jazz.

I couldn’t tell you why someone would feel compelled to record these videos regularly for almost five years and upload them to the Internet for others to enjoy. You wouldn’t necessarily think there would be an audience for this. And sure, very few of their videos break past 1000 views, and the ones who do mostly do so because they’re the only recordings of those songs up on YouTube.

But that’s the beauty of the Internet. People will post just about anything to it, whether it makes any sense or not, waiting to be found by the dozens of people who have been spending their lives looking for something like it, or to be discovered by people who come across it randomly and find out it’s something they’re into.

BE5D1968 has hella good taste in jazz, and it’s cool to enjoy the sights of Kobe’s highways. It’s like carpooling with a friend who has great taste in music, except on demand, and in a strange city you’re not used to being in.

If BE5D1968 had a weekly radio show, I’d be a regular listener. In the meantime, I’ve got a pretty big backlog to go through.